How To Keep Your Kids Safe At Home
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How To Keep Your Kids Safe At Home

by guest writer Paisley Hansen

April 4, 2019

Home safety tips for kids
Child safety is an issue of great concern, more so when children are left at home without their parents' supervision. Recent statistics highlight that most accidents occurring at home are more often than not preventable. As a result, it is important for you as a parent to take necessary measures to enhance your child's safety. Below are 5 tips on how to keep your kids safe at home.

1. Always lock drugs and potentially harmful chemicals

Poisoning is among the leading causes of injury to children. As a result, it is critical to ensure you store harmful substances such as chemicals, carpet cleaners, detergents and drugs far away from your child's reach. Unfortunately, most parents assume that children cannot reach or manage to open lids; however, this couldn't be any further from the truth as on top of being playful, children are often curious to find out the contents of sealed items. Therefore, in addition to tightly sealing your lids, ensure you keep harmful substances locked up and out of your child's reach.

2. Child proof your home

No matter the level of security in your home, it is necessary to understand that additional child safety measures are always required. Electrocution is without doubt among the greatest risks parents are keen to mitigate at home. For instance, when your breaker keeps tripping, you should take necessary measures to investigate your electrical connections. It is advisable to childproof electrical outlets as children tend to play with cords and cables they come across. Therefore, to eradicate the risk of electrocution or avoidable home fires, childproofing high risk areas in your home is recommended.

3. Prevent falls

Another great risk to your child's safety at home is the risk of falls. To put it in perspective, your child can sustain life threatening injuries in the event of a fall at home. Since preventing falls is an impossible task, it is your responsibility as a parent to work on minimizing the impact of a fall. That is, ensure that your staircase has a safety gate to prevent your child from falling. Also, investing in proper lighting is recommended as it will improve your child's vision at night. Get rid of all loose rugs within your household and ensure that slippery items have anti-skid rubber. Taking necessary precautions is the surest way of preventing your child from falling and sustaining serious injuries.

4. Mitigate the risk of burns

Addressing the risk of burns is not as easy as it may sound. Coffee, tea or even hot water from the dispenser are all sources of burns in your household. To avoid dealing with the issue of burns, it is necessary to set house rules that keep children away from high risk areas such as kitchens, more so without adult supervision. Electrical appliances such as toasters and kettles should be kept away from the reach of children. Moreover, it is also important to educate your child on crucial fire prevention and escape tips in the event of fire.

5. Ensure heavy appliances are stable

Unstable equipment can fall on your child and lead to serious, life threatening injuries. Due to the playful nature of children, it is advisable to keep heavy equipment on flat, stable surfaces to prevent the risk of falls during play. Appliances such as TVs and fridges are notorious for falling down on kids during playtime. To prevent the risk of injury through falls from appliances and heavy furniture, it is important to caution your kids against playing with heavy items. Be stern when warning your child about playing in high risk areas, and if possible, create a play area that is free from heavy equipment.

Author Bio: Paisley Hansen is a loving wife and mother of twins. She is a self-described "DIY addict", and loves to decorate her house and office with her creations. As a mother, Paisley is really passionate about health, nutrition, and spending time with her family. When she's not writing, you can find her with a glass of mint lemon water and a child on each hip. Who says moms aren't superheroes?