Simple Money-Saving Strategies for Improving Self-Care
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Simple Money-Saving Strategies for Improving Self-Care

by guest writer Stephanie Haywood

June 4, 2019

Image courtesy of Unsplash
If you think proper self-care revolves around a highly involved, costly regimen, we have good news! There are several things you can do to keep yourself feeling great without spending a bundle or taking up more time in your schedule than you can spare. Read on for some simple money-saving strategies to ease you into better self-care.

Snooze Yourself Healthier

An often overlooked yet super simple self-care strategy is getting sufficient shuteye. As Healthline explains, inadequate sleep appears to contribute to a number of quality-of-life and health concerns, such as weight gain, increased risk for diabetes, reduced immune function, and higher risk for depression. Getting enough sleep lowers your risk for heart disease and stroke, and it is a boon to concentration and productivity.

Thankfully, getting better sleep can be as simple as tweaking your sleep environment. A dark, cool room is a good start, so invest in blackout window coverings and turn your thermostat down a few degrees. Ensure that you have comfortable bedding as well. Choose a mattress that suits your normal sleeping position, and then dress it in smooth, high-quality sheets. When it comes to outfitting your bedroom, Walmart offers a wide variety of options, and you can save on your purchases by using a Walmart promo code.

Stretch and Focus to Feel Better

Many people struggle with stress in this on-the-go world we live in, but some research indicates you can significantly relieve stress levels by adding yoga and meditation to your lifestyle. It appears to lower your body's stress response, which, in turn, can lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety levels, and help lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. What's more, you can improve your flexibility, strength, and ability to focus. Yoga and meditation can be learned in a studio, but one of the benefits is that you can practice at home when it's convenient as well.

You don't need to be lithe and bendy to participate - just try some beginner-friendly yoga poses, and a free meditation app can walk you through learning techniques. There are even breathing exercises you can learn to reduce anxious moments. If you need some gear to get you started, Dick's Sporting Goods has everything you need, and you can save money with free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

Connect with Friends

When we're kids, life can revolve around friends and activities, but as adults, it's something that often falls by the wayside. However, Psychology Today explains that maintaining a healthy social life is perhaps even more important during adulthood. When we neglect time with friends, we subject ourselves to increased risk for a number of health-related issues. It appears socializing helps our brains stay healthy and can help ward off dementia. You can experience stronger immune function, lowering your risk for colds, flu, and even some cancers. Socializing lowers the risk of depression and enhances feelings of well-being. It could even help you live longer - what a great reason to make sure fun with friends is part of adulting!

Why not connect with a buddy for lunch? It's an inexpensive opportunity to savor time together, and you can even save money if you head to a local Panera by participating in their rewards program. Their menu includes everything from bagels and spreads to soups and salads. Panera offers savings opportunities to their rewards program members, and the more you use it, the more you can save. It'll give you all the more reason to grab a bite together!

Self-care can be slipped easily into your lifestyle, and you don't need to go broke doing it. Aim for sufficient sleep, do some meditation and yoga, and spend time with your friends. These simple strategies can have you feeling your very best!

Photo Credit: Unsplash