Famous Places in the Delaware Valley

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Famous Places

The Delaware Valley is rich in history and scenery. We have featured some books below that highlight both. From the rolling hills of Bucks County, to the Delaware Water Gap Recreational Area and the Pocono Mountains, nature’s beauty abounds. As a counterbalance to nature, we have featured books with intriguing photographs about the Miles of Mules project, Bethlehem Steel in its hay day, and railroading in the area. Who doesn’t love trains!

Our intriguing history will surprise you. Here are some fun facts:

  • In the early 1800s, Benjamin Parry (a New Hope resident) invented a process for preserving corn grain and malt for long-distance shipping. His process was used by millers throughout the nation and revolutionized the grain industry.
  • The little canal that could - The Delaware Canal. For a century, thousands of flat-bottomed, mule-drawn boats carried coal, lumber and manufactured goods 60 miles between Easton and Bristol. The canal’s working days are long over; now we can enjoy the scenery along this National Historic Landmark.
  • What do the Pennsylvania railroad and the coal industries have in common? You can find out about this fascinating history in Fueling the Gilded Age.

In the sampling of books provided below, you will gain a greater appreciation for our communities. Maybe we can start a "Get to Know Your Own Backyard" movement!