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Valentine's Day Suggestions

Listen - for your guys out there who have the pressure of Valentine's Day at your backs, I'm here for you. I got a job. I got kids. I got a leaky faucet. I get it. Sending just the right Valentine's message to your one and only is the last thing you need to worry about. So, just to make it easier, I've come up with a unique set of Valentine's greetings that will not only say "Be my Valentine" but also let her know that you may really need the day off after all! (And for extra savings - just use one of these and make your own card. What woman doesn't cherish a homemade Valentine's card? On second thought…nix that idea.)

Top 10 Valentine's Messages of 2013

1. I love you so much; I'd go over a fiscal cliff for you. Be my Valentine.

2. Only you could get me to watch "Once Upon a Time". Happy Valentine's Day.

3. You put the "Ick" in romantic. Love you always.

4. Love means never having to ask "did you replace the toilet paper?" XXX 000

5. You're as important to me as a playoff season (pick one). Valentines Forever.

6. If I were an iPhone, I'd totally download your app for free. Love Always.

7. You had me at "dinner's ready." #1 Valentine.

8. I love you so much, I'd even eat gluten. Yours Forever.

9. Because of you I understand why LOVE is a four letter word. You're Mine.

10. Heart was just a girl's band before I met you. I'm Yours.

Marc Kaye is a writer, comedian, songwriter and marketer who would gladly trade in writing about every single thought that arises in his head for some serious athletic skills. You can find out more about Marc at and follow him on Twitter @MarcKaye1.

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