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Erie, PA

From the owner, Lisa Van Riper, "Growing up with a creative, perfectionist family can have an effect on you. You see how tools and objects can be altered to fit your needs. How something as simple as a block of wood or a yard of fabric can turn into something beautiful. You learn how your only limitation is being afraid to try something new and how there is success in failure. I enjoy design; making something for various applications and media. Seeing someone interact or use my design or product is a euphoric experience; it is highly satisfying. I love a challenge - the ability to prove to myself I can do something more. I have always wanted to start my own business but struggled on where and how to start. Then a laser basically fell on my lap. What an awesome opportunity! It is truly amazing to see my vision come to life. Every time I turn the laser on, I feel like a kid in a candy store, breaming with anticipation, anxiously waiting for the laser to finish so I can get my hands on the product. I hope others enjoy my vision and are inspired to try something new, to see what they are really capable of."

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