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South Orange, NJ

As a Fashion Design major at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NY in the late 980s, Juanita took a jewelry making class which changed everything. She learned to knot pearls on silk thread! From there Juanita took as many classes on jewelry making/design as possible. Juanita decided to combine her love of crocheting with her love of wire and began what was called the "confetti" line. With this line, Juanita combined found trinkets and new beads to make pieces that are one of a kind. Over time Juanita's work has evolved and she's added a more metaphysical direction to her pieces, i.e., trees of life, wire wrapped gemstones, etc. Finally, feeling great is very important to her, so while her clients look good, Juanita enhances each piece of her work by infusing loving Reiki energy.

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