Teri Nalbone Fiber Art | Handmade in New Hope, Bucks County, PA

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Blue Finn StudioTeri Nalbone Fiber Art

New Hope, PA


(609) 259-2302

Teri has been creating fabric art in her New Hope studio for 4 years, but she has been quilting and developing her modern folk art style for close to 30 years. Her work has a foundation in traditional quilting - layers of recycled fabrics are cut and stitched to give new life to worn materials. The difference lies in her vibrant color schemes, and her creation of small, framed pieces of art instead of bed-sized quilts. Each is one-of-a-kind, from the hand-dyed fabrics to the intricate free-motion quilting that is the finishing touch.

There are many steps in the creation of each of Teri's pieces, large or small. It begins with dyeing her own fabrics. Pre-washed sheets are torn into manageable segments, dyes are carefully mixed, and a very wet, messy process begins. She does a lot of experimenting at this stage, combining various colors and techniques. She won't see the results until all the fabric is rinsed, washed and dried. When the fabric has dried, she chooses her colors and begins cutting out and arranging leaves, animals and filigree for an applique quilt, or cutting strips, triangles, etc. for a pieced quilt. Finally, she completes each piece with free-motion quilting, filling in the background with textures, circles and swirls. Teri uses the sewing machine like other artists use a pencil, creating her designs in thread by focusing on both the positive and negative space. She likes a balance between open areas and heavy coverage, and works intuitively to fill in her backgrounds. Teri shows her work at local art and craft shows, as well as on her website - www.terinalbone.com.

Teri Nalbone Fiber Arts, New Hope PA