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Joe Quinn

Bucks County, PA       215-258-6962       Email

I am a graduate of Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia where I explored my love of art and the different media used for artistic expression. From etchings and woodblock prints – to acrylic and oil painting – to paper sculpture and advertising design. My original goal was to learn and hone illustration techniques to become a commercial illustrator, but quickly learned how difficult that side of the business can be. My focus shifted to advertising design and I’ve been employed in the marketing/advertising industry since graduating over 20 years ago. I worked at well-known area firms and have held titles ranging from production artist to senior art director. Today, I operate my own graphic design business and like to paint and draw in my free time. The creative expression this affords makes up for some of the production-oriented tasks associated with print and web design.

Most of my paintings today are created using palette knives instead of traditional paintbrushes. I enjoy this method because of the organic feel it lends to the pieces. This small amount of lack of control allows the medium itself to help decide the outcome of the final painting. I look forward to this uncertainty each time I start a new painting. How the paint reacts and interacts with previous layers is a different experience every time.

I am a graduate of Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia where I explored my love of art and the different media used for artistic expression: from etchings and woodblock prints, to acrylic and oil painting, to paper sculpture, drawing, and photography. I majored in advertising design and have worked in the marketing, advertising, e-commerce and medical education industries since graduating over 29 years ago, with job titles ranging from production artist to senior art director to user experience design specialist.

In my free time I've never strayed far from my art school roots, always experimenting and creating. To this day I work in many different media and styles. I work in pen & ink, watercolor, papier-mâché, color pencils, acrylic, pastel, oil, spray paint, found objects, wire and others, sometimes combining multiple media.

I've created numerous bottlecap mosaics, from American flags to superhero mannequin sculptures. I can often be found en plein air, the act of painting outdoors, in and around Upper Bucks County. I've designed tattoos that adorn my own and friends' skin.

I usually have several pieces in design, development and production at once, and will never have enough time to create everything that pops into my head. I work on commission and for my own pleasure. My work can be found at area galleries and on display at various homes and businesses. And I hope to never stop getting better and trying new techniques to make my ideas come to life for the enjoyment of anyone who views them.

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