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Phillip Singer

The Singer Fine Art Collection
New Britain, PA       215-230-8315       Website       Email

Phillip Singer has been a freelance illustrator since 1989 when he graduated from The School of Visual Arts in New York city. He has created paintings for clients such as Celestial Seasonings Tea, Merck Pharmaceutical, Forbes Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, and numerous New York Publishers including Avon, Harper Collins and Viking Books.

His first love was illustration. He didn’t have to go far, he could view the paintings of Norman Rockwell and JC Leyendecker in the art books on his parents shelves. This led the way to the work of other painters from the golden age of illustration such as NC Weyeth and Maxfield Parrish. While in New York he turned his attention to the works he saw hanging at the Society of Illustrators annual exhibitions. Names such as Bob Giusti, Brald Braldts and his instructor Marvin Mattelson, helped shape his own version of realism.

Currently his work combines illustration influences with his newly found appreciation for the painters of the 18th century. While visiting Europe painters such as Bougerou, Ingres, Valasquez, and Gerome all helped to open his eyes to another level of painting. However he didn’t want to create an imitation of a bygone era. In order to find his own voice he called upon the surrealist painters such as Magritte and Dali, combining their dreamlike qualities with his own awareness of the environment. Phill’s unique vision began to form.

Today Phill is focused on creating the paintings he has always dreamed of, with an emphasis on the word dream.

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