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Adelyne Rizzo

Adelyne Rizzo

Adelyne Rizzo
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Adelyne Mary Rizzo is young American painter working in the Classical Tradition of art. From an early age Rizzo displayed a distinct proclivity and aptitude for image making, and by adolescence found her dominate inspiration in the work of the Old Masters. Through the years, she sought out teachings that would provide her passion with both context and technical skill, spanning from private study with established artists, more contemporary education with institutions such as PAFA and The Chicago Institute of Art, to pursuing the study of European aesthetics and poetry at Evergreen College. In 2015 she moved to Italy and began at The Florence Academy of Art, an esteemed program for the training of the professional artist in the tradition of Classical Realism. Rizzo’s approach to painting is derived from this method, in the belief that technical proficiency should never be sacrificed in the pursuit of meaningful art, but not limited to its academic constraints. With her work she seeks to revive a lost aesthetic of mythic beauty, and through fearless sentimentalism, remind us all of what makes us inherently human.

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