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Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation
Author: Justine Bowers

The Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity with the sole purpose of helping children from low-income households to pursue their dreams and passions. The foundation was started by Gene and Michele Rice, parents of four, who raised their family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Each of their four children had a different passion and the Rice’s did all they could to be involved and support each child along their chosen path. Over the years it became clear how important it was for their children to be involved in activities that they were passionate about. They saw their children grow each day and work hard at their craft. Their children learned about work ethic, responsibility and were able to create life-long relationships with positive adult role models and like-minded peers that had similar dreams and aspirations. The importance of these activities and the affect they had on each one of their children could not go unnoticed.

Gene and Michele decided it was time to follow their dream which was to create a charity with the mission of helping children who lacked financial resources to pursue their passions. They wanted to create a charity that would open opportunities for children that may not have them. Gene and Michele believe that every child deserves the chance to follow their dreams and they understand how many great things can come from it. Since its inception in 2008, the Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation has helped over 500 children. The foundation supports each child financially and partners them with a positive mentor that will help them hone their craft, build their self-esteem and grow into successful adults.

Scholarships are awarded annually and can be renewed. Applications are reviewed and verified and a meeting is scheduled with the family at the PAS office in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Once approved, the hard work begins for the PAS team. The child is matched with an activity that they are passionate about and a positive adult role model who will help them to pursue this interest. Monthly updates are required and reviewed. On a weekly basis many children are attending gymnastics, sports, music, dance, art, acting, karate, horseback riding and even sewing. Many of the children have been attending these activities for years through the help of PAS. The opportunity to attend activities that they love has truly been life-changing.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Plant a Seed please reach out to our Charity Director, Justine Bowers, at

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