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The Corner Shop

Location: Durham and Dark Hollow Roads , Pipersville, PA
Author: Eileen MacAniff

Nestled on the corner of Durham and Dark Hollow Roads in the village of Pipersville, PA is a little store known, fittingly, as  ‘ The Corner Shop’.  Owned by local resident Lynne Gordon, this charming home décor and gift store is a place where lovers of unique items and personal service will want to visit.

Just steps from the historic Piper Tavern and down the road from the romantic wedding destination Durham Hill Farm, The Corner Shop evokes memories of bygone days when it stood as a farmhouse, general store and post office. From the beautiful bay window, decorated by Ottsville resident Patty Moyer, to the colorful flower boxes and the rocking chair on the front porch, just looking at the shop transports you back in time and invites you to step inside.

As you walk through the front door, storeowner Lynne Gordon will be there to greet you with a warm smile. The cozy interior is light and airy, filled with hidden treasures that catch your eye wherever you look. Gazing towards the ceiling, you might see unique light fixtures, decorative birdcages, and stunning stained glass objects created by Lynne’s husband Frank Gallagher.  Along the walls, you will find mirrors, prints, ornamental shutters, sconces and more. Finally, surrounding you on the floor are numerous eclectic home décor items, many of which have been lovingly ‘upcycled’ by Lynne and Frank. 

The Corner Shop opened its old farmhouse door nine years ago.  After owning a successful hand-made lampshade business (Lamps by Lynne) in Ivyland for over 30 years, Lynne was ready to pursue a new dream.  The Corner Shop offered her the perfect opportunity.

The shop started as a combination of home decor items and Lynne’s lampshades. Today, the store still offers these pieces but also includes small accent furniture and a mix of new and vintage items.

Asked to describe her shop, Lynne will say it’s an “eclectic mix of whatever blends together with a happy feel.”  This description sums up Lynne’s goal for her dream shop – a place where every customer will feel welcome and will enjoy the friendly, personal service and reasonable prices that only a small local business can offer.  Her wish is to please everyone who comes into the store and to help them find whatever makes them happy.

As for how she selects the pieces for her store, Lynne has an “if I like it, I buy it” philosophy.  This belief is reflected in the variety of items she offers. In addition to her ‘farmhouse-industrial’ style items and lampshades, for example, you will also see metal décor, antiques, dressers, chairs, teapots, kitchen table sets and much more.

In the spring and summer, the outside area of the shop displays bistro sets, wicker furniture, garden benches and other seasonal offerings. Many of these are items Lynne and her husband have upcycled, cleverly repainting and refurnishing them into something new or restoring them to their former beauty.

The Corner Shop is easily accessed from New Hope, Newtown or the Lehigh Valley due to its location along Durham Road (Route 413). Just a 15 minute scenic drive from Peddler’s Village will find you at its doorstep.

The shop is generally open from 12-5pm daily and 2-5pm on Mondays.  These times may change a bit throughout the year as Lynne and her lamps travel to various juried shows and craft fairs along the East coast.  If Lynne is traveling or the shop is not open at a convenient time for you, she welcomes you to call.  There is always a sign on the door, as well as on their Facebook page, with their phone number.  She or her husband would be happy to come open the shop for you if at all possible. Talk about old-fashioned service!

So if you’re an avid treasure hunter or just someone who enjoys shopping in a friendly, casual local store with great items, reasonable prices and personal service, look no further than right around the Corner!

The Corner Shop & Lamps by Lynne

Phone:             215-962-6946



Monday: 2-5pm; Tuesday-Sunday: 12-5 pm